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Size: 350ml

Gamatol is a natural health & healing promoting formula that works wonders naturally. Gamatol has been clinically proven to increase your body's immune system, promotes healing, increase your blood circulation, promotes nerves & muscles activity, skin appearance & the general well being.

This Unique formula helps maximize body's ability to rejuvenate (replace & get rid of old & toxic cells in your body & reproduction system).

Gamodulin® Maximizes the body's ability to replace & eliminate toxic

Omega 3 Rejuvenates body cells

Omega 6 Prevent osteoporosis

Vitamin B Complex Strengthen the immune system

Vitamin E Stimulates muscle growth and nerve function

Improve the reproduction system

Reduce cholesterol level

It contains GamodulinTM, a polypeptide molecule that plays a vital role in rejuvenating body cells & promote healing & vitality. An amazing supplement fortified with precise amount of omega-3, omega-6, vitamin-B complex, vitamin-E, amino acids & energizing nutrients that effectively promotes health, muscles & nerves growth, relieve stress, immune system, increase your heart & lung performance & combat fatigue.

Direction of use Twice a day preferably to be taken on empty stomach. Before breakfast and before dinner

Adult 1 to 2 tablespoons

Children 1 to 2 teaspoons